What Is It About Photography That You Enjoy? Comments Welcome!

Hola Amigos,

I wanted to open up the blog this week for everyone to give their opinion on what they love about photography. Obviously, if you are reading this either you are a friend, family member, business associate, client of mine, or someone randomly reading a blog about photography. In any instance, I think its safe to assume that you enjoy the art of photography. According to some statistics from a few reputable sources I’ve researched, there are over 1.3 TRILLION photos taken each year! So yea, people enjoy photography! I’ll open up some ideas for your comments:

*Do you enjoy the candid, spur of the moment (or as Henri Cartier Bresson labeled it, “The Decisive Moment”) stoppage of time that photography creates?

*Are you way into wedding, abstract, portraiture, street, or landscape photography? Why? What is it that you love about it?

*Are you proud of someone or something and you take a photo to share with the world?

*Are you another photographer or visual artist? Why? Share with us why you do what you do.

*Are you in business for yourself and looking for that powerful image that will separate your business from others? What would that look like to you?

*Do you enjoy seeing your children or grandchildren captured in a photograph?



*Maybe you enjoy taking photos of people and things you come across. What types of photographs do you like to take?

*Is it the emotional impact that a strong photograph conveys that interests you?

There are countless reasons why we all, as humans, are drawn to photography. Some of these reasons could be to advance our careers, capture our childrens’ innocence, decorate our home or office, release stress by creating something ourselves (that is a huge reason why I love the art myself) or maybe its just the visual aesthetics like line, shape, or texture that draw you in.

I’d love to hear opinions! Nobody’s wrong, nobody’s right, and everyone has their own take on the question above. Please feel free to share. As always comments, questions, suggestions, and critiques are encouraged!


A simple abstracted long exposure dusk shot I took a few weeks ago:


  1. Hi Bobby,
    Read some of your blogs. I’d say you have fun & very interesting work. It’s wonderful to do what you love to do!

    I enjoy taking pics – for pics captures a slice of a life, whether it’s mine, a relative or friend’s, or even total stranger’s.
    Pics bring back the memory.. of former events, people & friends.
    Blessings to you, my friend.

    • Thanks Leonard. I do LOVE what I’m doing. Keep on reading and I’ll keep on posting!


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