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Hello fellow humans!

This weeks blog is a bit personal and quite frankly, the very reasons HOW and WHY I got into photography and decided to make a career of it.

Years ago, when I was just a young pup at the ripe age of 21, I began my adult life by obtaining a CDL and driving a truck over the road. At the time, this seemed like the thing to do as I had never attended college and wasn’t fully aware of where I was heading in life. I also figured this would be a good way to keep me from spending too much time in bars or clubs with my friends (because, come on…I was 21!)

During my escapades on the road, I always carried a disposable 35 mm camera with me in hopes to photographically document my travels. Yes, for any younglings reading, this was before cell phones and cell phone cameras. Driving a truck is really what led me into photography as weird as that sounds, but I’ll explain. As I got to see the country for the first time through a 21 year olds eyes, I traveled throughout all 48 states and also Canada and Mexico. At first this was fun, and believe me I met some interesting characters along the way! I was also at Clint Eastwoods’ house in Carmel, California! The other driver I was with was good friends with him and wanted to introduce me to him during our time off…unfortunately, Clint was away in Australia at the time 🙁  Anyhow, as I travelled I took photographs…lots of them. When I would come home and print out my landscapes, cityscapes, or portraits that I had shot, they never came back in print how I initially saw the scene. It was pretty annoying because I saw and shot some amazing things while I was on the road. There were plenty of beautifully golden lit city shots I’d took, and colorful orange-reddish desert landscape sunsets that I’d missed the opportunity of capturing properly.

Discouraged by my apparent lack of photography skills, I started taking online courses to learn how to manually use the camera to shoot scenes as I saw them. This helped and little by little I was learning how to compensate for shadows or highlights, properly expose, focus better on a subject, and compose a much more aesthetic shot. As the years winded on, I went through a divorce (the best thing thats ever happened to me by the way) and at the same time was also faced with layoffs at my current job. I took this as a sign, and along with the encouragement of those close to me (you know who you are) I started my business and began my college career. I enrolled in a B.F.A photography program at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. During my time there I devoured all things photography. I became a photo-nerd. I learned how to visually tell a story. For the first time in my life I was fully using my creative brain. Every book I could read on photography and art, I read. Every chance to shoot for a project, I shot. Every opportunity to discuss photography, I discussed. The program was great, the professors were great, and again I also started my business while I was in school.

Every now and again I take a look back at how I got here and really cherish the chance I have now to do something I passionately love. I can honestly say that I truly put forth my best efforts into every shoot I do. If I’m shooting commercially, I want that business to have images that will attract more customers to them and make them more money. If it is a wedding, I want my clients to be in awe with their photos and appreciative of them years from now. If its a portrait session, I want the family or individual to feel like nobody in the world could have captured that moment in a portrait the same as I did. If I’m shooting real estate photography for a realtor, I want them to sell the home quicker than if they did it themselves, or had someone else shoot the home. Even for 77 Design Co, my partner company, I want to market our clients with images and well written/researched blogs that will bring in new business or show their company from a totally different perspective.

This is WHY and HOW I got into photography and also why I’ll never put my camera down.


Also, I updated the Portrait gallery with a few new portraits. Head over to to see them. If you were tagged on social media, I probably added something I’ve done for you, have a look!

As always comments, questions, suggestions, and critiques are encouraged!


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