Some Photos from Our Yearly Science Center Trip

Hi everyone,

For the past several years we’ve taken our 4 year old son to the model train display at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh…he loves his trains. We usually pop in to the Science Center several times/year but always make sure to make it on opening night of the train display. Its become a little tradition for us.

This year I took my camera and was amazed at the huge amount of photographic opportunities that are available there. Usually I’m too preoccupied chasing him around…or, admittedly, just playing with stuff myself. The only other occasions I’ve been there with my camera was while shooting for Westinghouse events, so I was usually working and preoccupied with that. I’ve never fully had an opportunity to just get creative while visiting the center until this past Wednesday evening.

The tiny recreated Pittsburgh landscapes of the train display and the other items they have at the center proved to be quite photogenic. I felt like I got some pretty nice images during this visit and wanted to share. Have a great week all!

As always comments, questions, suggestions, and critiques are welcome!


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