Happy 4th!

Hi everyone, and happy 4th of July!

I hope that everybody has a great 4th, and that many of you shooting off the fireworks are safe, and for crying out loud…keep your digits intact!

This weeks blog post centers around an engagement session Eric Pensenstadler, of Video Horizons LLC, and I shot for our awesome clients on Sunday. I probably don’t post wedding and engagement photo shoots as much as I should but I wanted to share this weeks behind the scenes blog and 1 of their final shots. Our location for the shoot was Raccoon Creek State Park in Beaver County.

As we were making our way through the park focusing on some more traditional style engagement portraits, a crazy idea popped in my head. I mentioned that I thought it would be super cool to photograph a couple underneath the small waterfall that was there. I felt that the water splashing and dripping all over would create a very unique look. Dana and Matt hesitated at first, then agreed that they also liked the idea! Both were fully clothed in their engagement threads and I was totally surprised that they agreed to hop under the falls. I explained to them that it was a 1 shot deal and that I may not be able to pull off the crisp shot that I was looking to get. They understood and agreed to doing it anyhow. I love working with an adventurous couple!

Unbeknownst to me, as Eric was directing the reflector light onto them, he was also taking sneaky spy footage and photos of me at work. Below is a short iPhone video and 2 photos Eric captured as I was concentrating on their shots. The last image is my final shot of the session that I felt had a cinematic look and feel to it.

Enjoy the holidays, all! As always comments, questions, suggestions, and critiques are encouraged!

Photo credit:Eric Pensenstadler




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