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Happy Thursday everyone,

Wow, what exciting times!? The Chicago Cubs pulled off a miracle World Series championship last night ending a 108 year drought (never thought I’d live long enough to witness that,) the worst election ever is upon us (yes, most are making a cringe face reading that, but think optimistically, it will be ending soon) and at least in my own business things are looking up, up, up having booked a few new shoots for this and upcoming weeks.

This week I want to introduce Nick Bakertges as the blogs guest speaker. Nick is with a great company, Re/Max Select Realty, and is just getting started with his own realty business in the Pittsburgh area. Nick is a super bright young man, friendly as can be, and one of the most congenial 23 year olds I’ve ever met. He contacted me several weeks ago about creating him some personal headshot portraits for his business and we instantly bonded. I have no doubt Nick will be a highly successful real estate agent in the years to come and I wanted to give him a chance to tell us more about himself on the blog…here’s Nick!


Finding My Passion in Real Estate

Hi All, Bobby called me up the other day and offered to give me a spot to “guest blog” this week on his site. I’m excited to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about me and what I’m up to these days!

My name is Nicholas Bakertges, you can call me Nick. Two weeks ago, Bobby and I met for the first time for a photo shoot. I asked Bobby to take some photos of me to put on my business card and use for advertising my new career. I’m proud to say that after several months of classes, a state exam, paperwork, and trainings, I am a licensed real estate agent and Realtor® with RE/MAX Select Realty. Today I want to share with you how I’ve gotten here, and why I’m really excited for things to come.

Since as far back as I can remember, “I always wanted to be a gangster”, just kidding (hope some understood the Goodfellas reference), but really, since as far back as I can remember, Real Estate has always been trickling into my consciousness. My father has been a real estate agent since before I was born, and growing up his office at home was right next to our living room. All day long, I would hear phone calls discussing addendums, inspections, closings, radon gas, and other things that sounded so interesting and important, but so foreign. I remember, once, talking about sales agreements to my preschool teachers. I remember they were laughing with a sort of baffled look on their faces.

So fast forward several years, and I was accompanying my dad on open houses, showings, even one time I drove him to Pittsburgh for a closing, because being from Beaver County sometimes Pittsburgh appears to be the edge of the world and requires the navigating assistance of a young co-pilot who can work MapQuest. Sometime in middle school I got a digital camera for Christmas and became my dad’s assistant, taking pictures at his new listings. Although it may seem obvious by this point that I would, as well, choose real estate as a career path, it was not so clear to me. Penn State University was my school of choice and, while there, some very transformative things occurred. I switched my major from Engineering to Information Sciences, completed two internships, spent a semester in Greece, and took business courses that started getting me thinking about owning my own business.

After graduating, I continued on with the company that I had interned with during college and the field of work related to my major. Quickly, I came to discover that those passions for running my own business were still flaming hot. This is how I have come to make my recent choice to become a real estate agent. Being a real estate agent, especially for RE/MAX Select, allows me to be in business for myself but not by myself. My lifelong interest in real estate, my passion for new technologies and the internet, my childhood hobby of photography, and an entrepreneurial spirit combine to serve my clients best in a career that seems made for me!

Currently, I live in Pittsburgh and operate within Pittsburgh as my primary market. My ties to Beaver County allow me to serve that market and Moon Township, as well. I work primarily with residential properties, but am always keeping an ear on the commercial market. I work tirelessly for both buyers and sellers and my IT background lends me the ability to ensure the best online marketing of your property and the clearest visibility of the marketplace to you as a buyer.

I want to thank Bobby for letting me write today and for the amazing pictures he took for me last week. My interest in tech also has me nerding out slightly for his drone photography of real estate. Very cool and definitely the near future. Check it out.

Feel free to contact me for answers to any of your real estate questions or if you are interested in BUYING or SELLING! Call or text 724-987-6069 or by email










As always comments, questions, suggestions, and critiques are welcome!

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