Chocowinity, NC Part 1-Thanksgiving Trip

Hi all,

I hope that everyones Thanksgiving break was great! This weeks blog post will consist of a few images I nabbed during our holiday trip to Chocowinity, NC. We stayed for a few days visiting family and, of course, I was out and about with my trusty camera snagging as many quality photographs as I could of the scenic area.

This first image is of the historic Cypress Landing Marina. I was lucky enough to have been there at the crucial “golden hour” in the morning. The sky was a brilliant orangish-yellow with hints of blue beyond the clouds. The land mass to the right came to a perfect point in the foreground, from my perspective. The most interesting part of this image was that the special buoys in the water are actually markers for sunken Civil War ships.


This next image is a closer view of that point. I loved how the cypress trees naturally silhouetted against the rising sun. Upon further inspection of this photograph, you may also see a crane foraging through the reeds in the water. VERY LITTLE post editing was required for either of these shots.


This photograph is a little odd personal twist I often attempt on common looking landscapes. People that know me know that I like to be different in, well, pretty much every aspect of life and my photography is an example of this. By tilting the camera I found this unique view of the water and horizon line. They say that triangles often indicate a powerful visual element within art and I tried to split the scene into 2 separate triangles to give it a much different look. I also enjoyed how the rippling water leads your eye through the image.


In this last photo I saw the trees reflections in the water and felt like the lines made a compelling image. In a high contrast black & white image everything seemed to pop much more. img_0575

Thanks for reading everyone. On the next blog I’ll post a few images of the Cypress Landing Marina, some sunken ship wrecks, and 1 from what I like to call “Jenny’s House” from the movie Forest Gump.

As always comments, questions, suggestions, and critiques are welcome!



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