About Me


Hi, I’m Bobby Drakulic owner of Drakulic Photography LLC based in the Jeannette/Penn Township, PA area. I like to do stuff. Lots of stuff actually, but I’ll just discuss a few of the stuffs that I do.


After I became an adult and decided that some of the stuff I liked to do should probably start making me some money, and that I should make it a “career,” I attended Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. Somehow, I actually graduated pretty high in my class with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography.

I do a lot of stuff now as an “educated professional, grown up, and father,” including commercial/corporate, wedding, event, portraiture, travel, and exhibition photography. I’m actually kind of good at this stuff, and I really like doing it too, so that works out pretty well!

I have a deep passion for the art of photography and have been shooting since I was a spry little dude. I work extremely hard for every client that I create for, yet still manage to make every photographic session fun and unique. Feel free to contact me to learn if any of the stuff I do can help you.


Drakulic Photography LLC 1820 Ridge Rd. Jeanette, PA 15644